Challenge Young Minds with Science Series

Develop hands-on learning experiences for students to explore animals or plant that include elements of observation, model building, and art. Engage students in exploring and constructing meaning and understanding of the world in which they live. Learn how to facilitate open-ended brainstorming sessions and to ask questions that promote higher-level thinking. Within each course, select assignments that are most appropriate for the students you are teaching and that match the desired number of credits/units (1, 2, or 3) you are taking.

Total Courses: 2
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Courses Name Instructor Price Credit(s)/Unit(s) Register
EDUO 9519: Exploring Plants & Fungi Using Experienced-Based Activities Ron Kremer, Anthony Flores $140 - $420 1-3 Semester Credits/Units REGISTER
EDUO 9525: Exploring Animals Using Experienced-Based Activities Ron Kremer $140 - $420 1-3 Semester Credits/Units REGISTER
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