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EDUO 9520: Teaching Elementary Mathematics – Multiplication Ron Kremer, Anthony Flores $135 - $405 1-3 Semester Credits/Units REGISTER
EDUO 9521: Stress Free Math Ryan Pickett $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9522: Math Made Easy Ryan Pickett $270 2 Semester Credits/Units REGISTER
EDUO 9523: Learning Math in Groups Ryan Pickett $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9524: Learn Math Through Writing Ryan Pickett $270 2 Semester Credits/Units REGISTER
EDUO 9526: Expand Your Knowledge of Common Core Math Standards Julie Sweetman $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9542: Mathematical Practice #1: Make Sense of Problems and Persevere in Doing Them Julie Sweetman $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9543: Mathematical Practice #2: Reason Abstractly and Quantitatively Julie Sweetman $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9544: Mathematical Practice #3: Construct Viable Arguments and Critique the Reasoning of Others Julie Sweetman $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9545: Mathematical Practice #4: Model with Mathematics Julie Sweetman $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9546: Mathematical Practice #5: Use Appropriate Tools Strategically Julie Sweetman $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9547: Mathematical Practice #6: Attend to Precision Julie Sweetman $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9548: Mathematical Practice #7: Look for and Make Use of Structure Julie Sweetman $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9549: Mathematical Practice #8: Look for and Express Regularity in Repeated Reasoning Julie Sweetman $135 1 Semester Credit/Unit REGISTER
EDUO 9552: Exploring with Squares and Cubes (Area and Volume) Ron Kremer $135 - $405 1 – 3 Semester Credits/Units REGISTER
EDUO 9555 – Teaching Elementary Mathematics – Fractions Ron Kremer $135 - $540 1 - 4 Semester Credits/Units REGISTER

Mathematics Online Courses For Teachers

Few subjects create more stress and anxiety for students than math. Math is one of those intimidating subjects for students, but it doesn't have to be that way. As scary and confusing as math might seem to some kids (not all), our professional development programs at Dominican University will give you the guidance you need to make math easy and stress free for you and your students. Our professional development math series is designed to educate teachers on an array of math subjects and teaching topics and expand their knowledge of Common Core Standards.

Anyone Can Learn Math

As a teacher you want your students to enjoy learning math and you want to make it as easy as possible, for them – so make it happen. Our "Anyone Can Learn Math" series is designed to help teachers develop the tools needed to make math accessible to all students. Learn how to make math, dare we say, fun. Teachers enrolled in our courses can begin with Math Made Easy (, which is a course designed to help teachers make math accessible to all students. It functions as a foundation for other courses in the series such as Learning Math in Groups (, Stress Free Math (, and Learning Math through Writing (

Make Math Easy

If you are a teacher looking to learn how to get your kids excited about math, the content learned in Math Made Easy will teach you how to utilize your students’ natural learning strengths so that they will be engaged in your math curriculum and make significant learning gains. Making math fun is key. Getting rid of anxiety is also the most important part. Making math easy provides a foundation. Once they enjoy math they will want to keep going. A major premise is that a teacher should attempt to tap the processes that are stronger and natural in the learner rather than demanding production. When planning a curriculum, how will you attempt to utilize your students’ strengths? One way is to utilize language and teach math through writing. Infusing writing into your math curriculum will help students learn the concepts. It should also be noted that writing across the curriculum is an important aspect of the Common Core State Standards. Learn to integrate writing into their math curriculum. Doing so will help move their curriculum more in-line with the new standards as well as significantly improve student learning.

Overcome Math Anxiety

Math anxiety is often defined as a feeling of tension, apprehension, or fear that interferes with math performance. The stress is related to poor math performance on math achievement tests. It is related to negative attitudes about math. And anxiety, scholars say, is directly connected with math avoidance. Learning to get students interested in Math – a subject most of them dread -- is not only important but necessary. Let us show you how. Our Math courses focus on showing teachers how to teach math effectively and painlessly. In a course taught by and for teachers, educators will learn to get in touch with their own math anxiety, if any. That is considered a first step toward improving performance in the classroom. Teachers will also learn how to get to know their students so as to understand their learning needs as well as if they have math anxiety or not. In addition, educators will learn what the top math anxiety produces are and how to avoid them. In doing so, they will learn how to create curriculum and assessment that lessen the chances of producing math anxiety. Learn to create positive math experiences. One way to do this is to create lessons and assessments that utilize the students learning strengths rather than continuing to focus on their weaknesses. While math has traditionally focused on correct or incorrect answers, which can cause anxiety, teachers can learn to focus more on understanding the process and concepts. Learn to change the mindset and boost performance.

Expand your Knowledge of Common Core Standards

Gain a deeper understanding of one domain within the Common Core Mathematics Standards ( Working through course resources and mathematics websites, you will study one domain within your grade level standards. You will find activities to reflect on them. You will also interact with other teachers to see what they have discovered. Define the Standards of Mathematical Practice within the context of your grade level standards, plan learning experiences, and develop authentic methods of assessment. All our math classes are designed to help you, the teacher, better engages your students and foster a greater interest in math.
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