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Micro-Credential Learning

What are Micro-Credentials?

Micro-Credentials are like mini-degrees or certifications in a specific topic area. They can either be broad or specific and they provide educators an opportunity to focus on specific skills in certain areas of discipline.

How are Micro-Credentials earned?

Earning a micro-credential is like taking a shortened version of a college course. Dominican University of California offers all of its micro-credentials online. To earn a Micro-Credential (badge), you may have to:

  • Complete assignments or papers
  • Present samples of work on the subject area
  • Pass assessments or skill tests
  • Display application of knowledge in a classroom setting

Earning a micro-credential typically takes three to four weeks, but some can take up to nine months, depending on the skill being developed and expectations of the course.

Dominican University of California offers the following Micro-Credentials.  Click on each one to learn more.


Engaging Adult Learners

Data Informed Decision Making

Designing a Professional Learning Plan

Implementation of the Professional Learning Plan

Teacher Leader as Reflective Practitioner

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