ISTE Friends, Members and Students

Dominican University of California is proud to provide International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) University students professional learning credits for courses taken through ISTE at $74.00 per credit. Select any of the courses below and visit ISTE for instructions to register.

Once registered, and upon completion of identified tasks, you will be offered a link to register for professional learning credits through Dominican University of California.

Please see our FAQ section to learn more about professional learning credits.


Please click on the course title to access additional information about that course and to register. Most courses below are one credit courses,

Course #Title

EDUO 9155

EDUO 9156

EDUO 9157

EDUO 9158

Advancing Your Mobile Learning Initiative

EDUO 9159

Taking the Lead to Support Innovative Instructional Models

EDUO 9160

EDUO 9161

Learning Differences II: Unpacking Learning Difference

EDUO 9163

Exploring the Why and What of Personalized Learning

EDUO 9164

EDUO 9165

EDUO 9166

EDUO 9172

EDUO 9973

EDUO 9189

EDUO 9190

ISTELive 21
June 26th - June 30th, 2021
Be sure to attend and register for EDUO 9187: ISTELive 21 for graduate-level credit.

Are you interested like so many others in our extremely popular summer courses for teachers including EDUX and a variety of online summer courses from across our course catalog?