Tanya Taylor

Tanya M. Taylor, BA in Education, MA in Human Development, Early Childhood and Bicultural Development specializations

  • Early Childhood Educator, 32+ years
  • Professional Credential/Licenses: California Program Director Child Development Permit
  • Program Coordinator for Special Education/Early Intervention, ECE/UPK Project Coordinator for County Office of Education
Professional Achievements/Certificates:
  • Leading for Children Fellow
  • Authorized Teaching Pyramid Coach
  • Authorized Inclusion Facilitator

I am passionate about ensuring all children have access to learning environments free from bias, where they can grow and develop in relationships with each other and the adults in their ecosystem. My primary purpose is to support the development of educators who believe in the potential of each and every child, and who are able to co-create early learning environments where all children and families feel a sense of belonging and can thrive. My personal interests include Family, reading, baking, traveling, and spending time outdoors



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EDUO/ECE 9353 Developing Early Childhood Observations Skills

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