Rhonda Stephens

Thank you for your interest in Dominican University of California’s Professional and Continuing Education Courses. I look forward to helping you with your Professional Development needs here in Montana! I know how much time you put into planning every year whether it is to make your classroom inviting and lessons engaging, or creating presentations for a grade level, team or staff. Dominican University of California also appreciates the commitment you have made to the students, families, and communities you serve.

My personal favorite is the popular EDUX Summer Course. Earn graduate-level semester credits as you engage in innovative, relevant, professional learning for the upcoming school year. This summer, spend extensive time improving your teaching, working on your professional growth, and planning your school curricula to meet district initiatives while earning 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 graduate-level semester credits!

I look forward to helping you meet the educational goals that are important to you!



Important Events/Dates

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