Eric Thompson

9-12 Public Schools – 10 years; Online Collegiate Level – 8 Years.

Currently Program Chair for Developmental and Technical Math as well as Academic Achievement for CCCOnline.

Professional Passion – Working with online education to foster education that is rigorous and accessible for all learners. Also, exploring mindfulness practices in and out of the classroom.

Personal: Meditation, QiGong, Gardening, Wine/mead making, Hiking/camping.

My name is Eric Thompson. I have been in the educational field since I can remember. I believe lifelong learning is essential and have thus always kept learning and studying something. I started teaching when I was still in school, TA courses and tutoring students. I then spent 10 years in the public schools teaching all levels of mathematics. In those years, I also collaborated with the special education department with co-taught classes. During that time, I also was involved with the teachers union and being a voice for a better educational system for all students and teachers. I currently am continuing my educational experience by expanding my teaching knowledge to online education. I have now been teaching online for 3 years.

As an educator with Dominican University, I strive to making the courses that I instruct valuable to all who take the course. Upon completing any of my courses, I would expect not only your students to benefit from the knowledge that you have gained, but also you personally. I think the best feedback that I get from the courses here are “Finally, teachers are being treated as professionals.”



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