April Benamati

Thank you for your interest in Dominican University’s Professional and Continuing Education Courses. My name is April Benamati. I am an elementary teacher with training in GLAD, Writer’s Workshop, Write From the Beginning, CAFE, Common Core, and Instructional Coaching, and I look forward to helping you!

As a teacher, I know how much time you put into planning every year whether it is to make your classroom inviting and lessons engaging, or creating presentations for a grade level, team or staff. Dominican University also appreciates the commitment you have made to the students, families, and communities you serve. This is why we bring you courses that reflect what educators truly need to get a new school year off to a good start. Every year I hear educators from classroom teachers to coaches to administrators say our courses are the best credits they’ve ever invested in and that it was great to treat themselves to professional development that really let them focus on what was important to them.

I am so glad you have selected us to help you meet your goals! If you have any questions about the course descriptions and materials found here, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you and helping you meet the educational goals that are important to you!!



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