Anna Brueher

Welcome to Dominican University of California!

Thank you for your interest in Dominican University’s Professional ad Continuing Education Courses. My name is Anna Brueher and I am the Lead Librarian for Lyon County and a high school librarian. I was a middle school library for over 5 years and have taught in an elementary school before that. I support teachers at all levels with tools, resources, and information to help make their work more effective. I am looking forward to helping you. I know how much time you put into planning every year, making your classroom inviting and lessons engaging. It takes time to learn and create effective ways to utilize new technology, align lessons and units to standards, create presentations, and get ready for the new school year. Dominican University also appreciates the commitment you have made to the students, families and communities you serve. This is why I am excited to bring you courses that reflect what educators truly need to get new school year off to a great start. I started out as a student of these courses, and found them so valuable I have signed up to help facilitate them. It is a great investment in yourself, your classroom, and your school. This course lets you focus your professional development in areas you deem important and valuable. If you have any questions about the course descriptions or materials found here, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with all of you and helping you meet those educational goals you find valuable and important.



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