Where in the World? Geography Through Art

  • Teaching geography through art is a unique way for children to enjoy learning about the world and its cultures through art projects they enjoy.

    Although we have immediate access to globes and technology to teach students about various countries and continents and the people who live there, the idea of students learning geography in the classroom via art, research and hands-on activities will enhance how they visually place order in the world in which they live.

    Teaching geography through art

    For teachers, learning how to teach such a course is a chance to collaborate with colleagues in an online discussion as they compare and contrast the rich and diverse cultures of our world.

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    Teaching and learning physical geography through art creates focus and understanding of geography, an area where many people, including adults are very challenged.

    Even though technology has enabled our worldview to expand, teaching and learning physical geography through art will give those people and others, a concrete way to visually place in order the world they live in.

    Through research, hands-on activity assignments and online discussion, teachers can now learn how art can effectively be used to compare and contrast the rich and diverse cultures of our world. The teacher will enjoy exploring the world in ways that excite students about geography and art.

    An artistic journey

    “Geography Through Art” is the ultimate book of international art projects that takes children on an artistic journey to more than 25 countries spanning six continents. This Internet-linked book includes a variety of project types, from watercolor to paper mache to sculpting and more. Features include sketching assignments with step-by-step examples, profiles of famous artists, cultural connections, materials lists, geography summaries, and reproducible maps and templates.

    With Geography Through Art students get to create an art project that has to do with a country they are studying. This hands-on approach, according to teachers who have used the guide or taken a professional development course, helps to add excitement to learning about a culture and the art and geography of that culture.

    As an exciting way to supplement any study of geography, history, or social studies, a new online professional development course offered by Dominican University will take teachers on a world journey that they can later implement for their students.

    The geography through art course provides a guide that teachers can use again and again to the delight and engagement of their students in learning about geography through the culture and art of peoples around the world.