Teaching for Success

  • Teaching for success is about preparing students for the world in which they might switch jobs and careers several times.

    The rubric for success in the classroom has traditionally been grades and test scores. Studies have shown, however, that these measures are no longer good predictors of success in the workforce.

    One of our two-week summer professional development courses provided by Dominican University will focus on teaching students to be successful in the work world. That requires a perseverance and curiosity needed to consistently learn new job skills.

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    People who can effectively communicate with new colleagues while collaborating to solve problems in creative ways will fare better than those lacking such skills.

    Teaching for success philosophy

    This class operates on the notion that the best learning takes place when people feel part of a community that respects all learners.

    Since everybody perceives the world differently, information will be presented in a variety of ways. Numerous methods will be used to process presented information, as each person has a unique way of connecting new information to what they already know.

    Being that individuals demonstrate understanding in their own ways, there will be multiple procedures for assessing understanding. Another belief on which this class is based is that long-term learning only occurs when you actually do what you learn.

    Teaching for successful and productive lives

    Adhering to these tenets, the information provided throughout the 90 hours of class time is delivered through readings, videos, discussions, activities, reports, and lessons presented by the learner as well as the instructor.

    Teachers enrolled in this class will learn how to emphasize the four C’s while fostering the grit and curiosity necessary for students to live happy and productive lives.

    In this course, participants will have the opportunity to:

    • Develop an understanding of the need to foster grit and curiosity in the classroom.
    • Demonstrate the ability to create engaging curriculum and classroom environments that promote grit and curiosity while using the required content to teach critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity and participate in lessons, activities, and projects that are designed to demonstrate how to create classrooms in which students are truly engaged in the learning process.
    • Read and discuss materials about how bringing grit and curiosity into the classroom will lead to students being excited about learning and making progress towards becoming productive citizens.

    Strict course requirements

    Course requirements are strict. Teachers enrolled in the professional growth course are required to attend all 90 hours of class. They are also required to do the following:

    Read all assigned readings.

    Participate in all class activities, class discussions and all class projects.

    Teachers will write three papers in reaction to educational issues, methods, activities or strategies that have been introduced in either daily class time or nightly reading assignments. They will also give a 30-minute hands-on presentation of a lesson that they taught in their classroom that teaches one of the four C’s or promotes curiosity in students.

    Note that this seminar has specific locations and dates in California and Colorado.

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