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Welcome to our EDUX Summer Course Showcase Page!

Educators have told us for many years that this course is a gift.  It’s a gift because this course provides guided flexibility to allow YOU to be creative, while fulfilling professional learning objectives.

Check out our success stories below.

Progressive administrators, principals, and teacher leaders across the country have shared how impactful this online course has been to them as teachers and in their schools or districts.  So, we decided to share. We want you to see firsthand the kind of creativity and work coming out of this course.

From a math and science teacher creating an outdoor survival course, to an innovative aviation course,  or to a teacher wanting to implement a robotics class at her school, these are just several examples of exemplary projects. We will add more so come back to this showcase page often!  Keep in mind, not all Summer Course participants choose to do such extensive projects, nor is it required.  It's your choice!

Travis Simpson, a math and science middle school teacher in Oregon, created this Outdoor Living 7th & 8th grade elective for his school. The course is now in high demand and has been taken by over 65 students. This course meets the following standards:

  • Science NGSS
  • Common Core Math
  • National Geography
  • Physical Education
  • Art


Alicia Gradisar, an industrial technology middle school teacher in Colorado, took the summer course last year and implemented Arduino Coding & Robotics into her Industrial Tech (Shop) class. The feedback has been phenomenal. She taught one course in the fall of 2017, and now has two going in the spring 2018! Due to her innovation, a sister school in a nearby district is also implementing this course. This course has introduced students to:

  • Innovative Design (ISTE Standards)
  • Computational Thinking
  • Creative Communication
  • Global Collaboration


Steve Smith is a teacher in southern California. He took the EDUX Summer Course a few years in a row while creating one of the first and only High School Aviation programs in the state. The Canyon High School Aviation program is in its 4th year and has grown to approximately 80 students. Students are visiting industry, learning from professionals, interning at Aviation related businesses, and learning to fly! Through the program, participants

  • Learn to read technical information
  • Incorporate math and science in an enjoyable way
  • Discuss leadership and responsibility
  • Study federal regulations
  • Discuss current events in Aviation
  • Receive hands-on training through advanced flight simulators

You may also be interested in the full description of this online summer course or our related blog post about professional development over the summer.

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