EDUO 9947: Working Effectively with Traumatized Students – Understanding Trauma & Its Effects

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Course Overview

Welcome to EDUO 9947, Working Effectively with Traumatized Students in the Classroom Setting: Understanding Trauma and its Effects. Educators today are seeing more and more students entering their classrooms with significant mental and emotional needs resulting from trauma they have experienced in their lives. It is imperative in today’s classroom that teachers understand the causes of trauma, how to identify the signs of trauma, and how to effectively work with and support students experiencing the effects of trauma.

Course Objectives

In this course participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Identify and reflect on their current process of working with traumatized students.
  • Read and study given website/video resources that will help them understand the causes of trauma, how to identify the signs of trauma, and how to effectively support students who have experienced trauma.
  • Communicate with other teachers regarding ways to work effectively with students who have experienced trauma.
  • Recall and reflect on their learning throughout the course.

Course Assignments

Course assignments will consist of articles, videos, written responses to questions, activities and posting to the class forum. Examples of assignments for this class are:

  • Reflect on what you know about trauma, the training you have received on the topic of trauma, and describe the process you currently use to identify students with trauma.
  • Read resource links about trauma and its effects on students in the classroom setting.
  • Review a Trauma Toolkit and identify relevant information that you will use in your classroom to create a trauma sensitive culture.
  • Interview a coworker who has had experience working with traumatized students.
  • Reflect on what you have learned in this course and what additional information you would like to have regarding trauma.

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Jennifer Kern

B.S., M.A. in Social Work

LCSW- Licensed Clinical Social Worker 10+ years.

Jennifer is passionate about working with educators and others as they learn to identify and support students impacted by trauma.

Her work focuses on helping others recognize and recover from the impact trauma can have on their lives.

Jennifer’s personal interests are family, outdoor activities, Girl Scouts and Zumba.