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  • Semester Credits/Units: 2,3,4,5,6
  • US $308 - $735

EDUX 9902: Amplify Your Impact

Welcome to the Summer Course Center! This page is where you have access to all of the information you need for this year’s summer course: Amplify Your Impact. Please view the orientation video PRIOR to downloading any forms. The video will guide you through the steps necessary for a successful summer course experience. You may want to consider bookmarking this page as you may need to refer back to it often. Have a great experience and check back here occasionally for important updates.

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The EDUX summer course is facilitated by Professional Development Coordinators.
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Summer Course Documents

The documents below are for the EDUX 9902 Amplify Your Impact Summer Course.
You may begin logging your hours starting May 1st, 2024. If you have questions about logging hours prior to May 1, please reach out to your local professional development coordinator.


EDUX 9902: Checklist
EDUX 9902: Syllabus Rubric
EDUX 9902: Course Requirements
EDUX 9902: Professional Learning Plan Form
EDUX 9902: Log of Hours
EDUX 9902: Guided Reflection

Summer course form examples are provided below for your reference.

EDUX 9902: Professional Learning Plan Elementary School Samples
EDUX 9902: Log of Hours Elementary School Samples
EDUX 9902: Guided Reflection Elementary School Samples
EDUX 9902: Professional Learning Plan Middle School Samples
EDUX 9902: Log of Hours Middle School Samples
EDUX 9902: Guided Reflection Middle School Samples
EDUX 9902: Professional Learning Plan High School Samples
EDUX 9902: Log of Hours High School Samples
EDUX 9902: Guided Reflection High School Samples
EDUX 9902: Professional Learning Plan Samples for Administrators or Coaches
EDUX 9902: Log of Hours Samples for Administrators or Coaches
EDUX 9902: Guided Reflection Samples for Administrators or Coaches
EDUX 9902: Professional Learning Plan Music Specialist
EDUX 9902: Log of Hours Music Specialist
EDUX 9902: Guided Reflection Music Specialist

EDUX Students, attend our informative webinars this summer! See below for dates and times (East Coast time)

A “Can Do” Approach to Teaching Multilingual Learners
July 9th 12:00 PM
Jessica Godburn/Dominican Associate and Elementary Spanish and Multilingual Learner Teacher

Examine language proficiency levels to better inform your differentiation strategies. Explore an asset based perspective to ML instruction with the WIDA “Can Do” descriptors. Discover resources for scaffolding to guide your planning.

Serving Students with Exceptional Needs
July 11th 12:00 PM
Dr. Shawn DiNarda Watters, Dominican Associate, P-12 and Higher Education Consultant

Participate in an engaging discussion on what the general education teacher’s role is in collaboration, advocacy, paraprofessionals, IEPs, BIPs, and serving students.

Formative Tech Tools for the Classroom
July 16th 12:00 PM
Robin Seneta/Dominican Associate, Digital Literacy Technology Instructor and M.Ed Adjunct Faculty

Explore and discover innovative strategies and engage in insightful discussions on how the popular online tech tools empower educators to adapt their teaching methods for enhanced student learning and interaction.

Creating a Culturally Responsive Classroom
July 18th 1:00 PM
Kathy Vining/Dominican Associate and Elementary Education and a M.Ed and School Administration Multicultural Specialist and the Equity/Title IX/Section 504 Compliance Officer

A culturally responsive classroom celebrates/acknowledges every student’s culture and life experiences. It teaches inclusion and acceptance of difference. We will examine our own culture and look at ideas/strategies to make our classrooms more culturally responsive. A resource list and templates will be provided.

Persistent Myths in Education
July 23rd 12:00 PM
Kathy Smith/Dominican Associate with 25 years of classroom experience

In this new era of “evidence-based” education, several popular theories are being debunked due to a lack of “scientific proof.” Learning Styles, Homework, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and several other popular theories are showing up more and more on the “myths in education” list. But some of these myths just won’t go away because many teachers just won’t let go. I am one of them.

Artificial Intelligence Will Benefit Teaching and Learning
July 25th 12:00 PM
Joe Herz/EDS-DominicanCaOnline Technology Instructor and Program Coordinator

AI will change how you teach. It will not change why you teach. AI will change how students learn. It will not change why they learn. To prepare students for their future, education historically adapts to current academic research, societal and global needs and, to technological advancements. We are in the emerging stages of how AI technology can serve as a strategic tool to benefit both your teaching practices and student learning. Let’s explore these opportunities!

Foundations of Learning
July 30th 12:00 PM
Erin Mengeu/Dominican Associate, Elementary Teacher and Author: Slow Down! Children are Learning

Build a strong foundation for learning in your early childhood classroom by exploring a framework built on fundamentals such as: executive function, growth mindset, motor development, sensory integration, and foundations of literacy. Explore strategies used by educational specialists that can easily be implemented into your classroom. Cultivate an environment that equips students with the tools necessary for learning, promotes an organic love for learning, and prepares students for overall growth and achievement.

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