EDUO 9972: The Art & Science of EQ with CCSS in Mind

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    Researchers and business experts agree that people with high emotional intelligence (EI/EQ) are consistently the top performers in their schools/organizations.

    They’re more resilient and flexible when things get tough and are held in the highest regard by their bosses, peers, co-workers, and others. In this powerful course you’ll learn why emotional intelligence is far more than just a handy set of “people skills,” and why many executives feel it’s the one skill you must have to be successful in today’s workplace!

    Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.
    By Daniel Goleman

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    Dr. Maryam Torbati

    B.A. Art History; M.A. in Ed System Management; Ph.D. In Human Behavior

    • 25 years in K-12 teaching; ELD, Special Ed Emergency, Counseling, School Psychology, Administration
    • Memberships, Affiliations, Community Service: TESOL, CATESOL, Golden Key Honor Club of the U.S.A., Doctoral Society, Teacher Assistance of Southern California; St. Agnes Hospital, Cancer Center, and Leukemia Association
    • Special Skills: Communication, Grant Writing, and Bilingual Training
    • “The reason I am in Education; Change one brain, Change the whole world.”
    • Maryam’s personal interests include world travel, swimming, reading, research, knitting