EDUO 9944E: Compassionate Classrooms – A Guide to Building Safe Learning Communities

Classroom Management Strategies
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Course Overview

The National Survey of Children’s Health has found that half the students in U.S. schools have experienced trauma and/or chronic stress. Given the strong connection between our emotions and learning, we know that the majority of these students are not ready to learn when they arrive at school. In this course, educators will learn how to promote trusting relationships and social-emotional development in their classrooms. Educators will thereby be better equipped to create environments where students feel welcome, safe, and ready to learn. Through powerful readings and dynamic projects, educators will walk away from this course invigorated and ready to build safe learning communities for their students.

Course Objectives

In this course, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • develop an understanding of how trauma and chronic stress can affect their students.
  • investigate and learn strategies for teaching students who have had an adverse childhood experience.
  • participate in lessons, activities, and projects that are designed to demonstrate how to create curriculum and classrooms that allow students to feel welcome, safe, and capable of learning.
  • demonstrate the ability to create compassionate curriculum and build safe learning communities for all.

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Ryan Pickett

B.A., M.S. in Counseling Clinical School Psychology

K-12 School Psychologist 20+ years.

Collegiate Professional Development Coordinator, Developer, and Instructor 16+.

"I take pride in helping educators enhance student learning while bringing passion into their classrooms."

Ryan loves spending time with family and friends, especially outdoors. His favorite activities include snowboarding, golf, and hiking.