EDUO 9917: Brain-Based Tools for the Classroom

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    Explore unique brain-based tools to enhance learning for your students.Garner success in the classroom by understanding people rather than content, emotions rather than test results, learning rather than teaching and having a broader range of skills and an understanding of how the brain, mind, and body function in the learning situation. Learn over 30 brain-based tools to help enhance the learning in any classroom.

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    Robin Seneta

    B.A., M.A. Instruction and Curriculum, Certified in Business, Computers and Informational Technology

    Teaching for 26 years, 7-12, science, technology. Adjunct Professor, department head, Teacher Leader Council, Technology Mentor.

    I am a lifelong learner. I thoroughly enjoy sharing knowledge and enjoy educating myself along the way.

    I spend most of my time in gyms watching both of my kids excel at basketball. I enjoy photography and traveling.