EDUO 9895 Reversing The Trend – From Narcissism to Compassion

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Course Overview

Welcome to EDUO 9895 Reversing The Trend – From Narcissism to Compassion. Encourage your students to find greater happiness and purpose in their lives by reaching out to help others. Read and view research that substantiates “giving” is a pathway to happiness while in the U.S. the Trend is moving in the opposite direction. Consider how you can help to reverse that Trend.The testimonials below provide real-life perspectives about this course:

This course was exactly what I was looking for in my career to validate my feelings about education. I am of the school of thought as the instructor and believe strongly that character development is just as important if not more important than the content they learn in school. These days there is so much emphasis on passing tests and learning content and not enough emphasis on the truly important things in life like helping others to help yourself. It has become increasingly apparent to me that students are lacking in altruistic tendencies and that social media has created a sense of narcissism that makes them obsessed with themselves and getting attention in all the wrong ways.  I think this course did an excellent job of addressing all the different elements of what is causing narcissism and how to reverse the trend. I really liked that there were many different mediums by which the course was taught. There were books, articles, videos, Ted Talks, etc. I thought it was enlightening and well thought out with a wide range of resources for all different types of educators. Over all I truly found this course to be very well done and I learned a lot. It was a pleasure! Thank you!  –  Ruthie Lydon

The reason this course initially caught my eye is because over the past few years I have been focused on ways to improve happiness in my life and have taken that a step further to help my students find more happiness in their life.  I found this course to be very insightful and I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The Danish Way of Parenting” and all the articles that you provided for us.  –   Kylie Barr

This is a very thought-provoking course. I thought all the readings and videos were useful. I particularly enjoyed The Danish Way of Parenting.  –  Jennifer Hess

I would like to thank you for offering such an amazing course.  I truly enjoyed it, and I believe it will help me in my professional as well as my personal life.  I will highly recommend it to my colleagues.  –   Maria O. Inguanzo de Cervantes

I really appreciate the way you set up this course! I am a lifelong learner who enjoys not being boxed in by a curriculum or program. I got a lot out of this course because of your style, thank you. I loved the text, The Danish Way of Parenting. It’s one that I’ll definitely recommend to others.  –  Audrey Gauthier

I really enjoyed this course.  Honestly, I think The Danish Way of Parenting should be passed out at each hospital when babies are born.  Not only did I learn implications for my classroom, I learned ways that I can improve my parenting.  I even discussed some of the things I learned with my 12 year old and we are going to work on higgle!   – Anne Codling

Course Text

The Danish Way of Parenting by Jessica Alexander & Iben Sandahl ISBN: 978-0143111719

Course Objectives

In this course, participants will have an opportunity to:

  • Read the book The Danish Way of Parenting.
  • Read and study resources about how empathy and compassion create greater happiness for the giver.
  • Communicate ways that you can help reverse The Trend.
  • Share your ideas and take-aways with other course participants.

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Budd Mackenzie


Budd Mackenzie was recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as an "Unsung Hero of Compassion" in 2014.

Trust in Education, founder, a grass roots non-profit helping Afghans rebuild their lives;

Wrote and Published "Off the Couch into the War for Hearts and Minds".

Recognitions for his humanitarian work include Lafayette Citizen of the Year, the Paul Harris Fellow Award from the Lafayette Rotary, the Peace and Justice Award from the Mount Diablo Peace and Justice Center, and the 2018 Choice Humanitarian Award for Contra Costa County.