EDUO 9874: Enhancing Your Educational Travel Experience – Leader/Chaperone

Instructor: Allan Varni
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Course Overview:

As a travel group leader, you can make the most out of your educational travel experience while traveling with an organized educational travel company. You will be able to earn Professional Development credit by fully participating in your travel group trip, documenting the experience and connecting your experience to your teaching setting.

Course Objectives:

In this course participants will have opportunity:

  • Demonstrate knowledge personally obtained from the travel experience.
  • Outline how the travel experience expanded teaching resources.
  • Indicate the pre & post travel research information used to prepare for and to deepen the understanding of the visited sites and cultural area(s).
  • Describe how research enhanced the travel experience.
  • Reflect on the travel experience as a tool for deeper learning and creating future engaging teaching events.
  • Show how assigned teaching standards were enhanced through the travel experience.
  • Collaborate and share travel adventures and tips with the instructor and other educators.
  • Create a detailed lesson plan and implement course-related lesson in the classroom (three-unit option).

Course Relation to Professional Standards

  • CSTP Stamdard 1.2: Connecting learning to students’ prior knowledge, backgrounds, life experiences, and interests.
  • CSTP Stamdard 1.3: Connecting subject matter to meaningful, real-life contexts
  • CSTP Stamdard 6.2: Establishing professional goals and engaging in continuous and purposeful professional growth and development.
  • SQPLS* Element C: Quality professional learning is a part of a seamless system that provides increasingly more complex opportunities for educators to learn and practice skills that advance expertise throughout their careers, and that makes leadership roles available as educators progress.
    * Superintendent’s Quality Professional Learning Standards.
  • Price: $200 - $300
  • 2 or 3 Semester Credits/Units

Instructor: Allan Varni

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