EDUO 9864: Community Partnership Building

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Course Overview

Foster collaboration, communication, and potentially partnerships between local businesses, so as educators we
can make a bigger impact on our community through combined efforts.

Course Objectives

In this course participants will have opportunity to:

  • Develop partnerships to support student achievement, educational opportunities and programs
  • Construct a partnership plan to help outline the scope of the program, a timeline, roles and responsibilities, outcomes and evaluation methods.

Course Assignments:

In this course you’ll design, essentially, a partnership planbook with three primary components. The first component of your planbook will identify goals based on the needs of your school to ensure academic success and improvements overall. The next component will describe the partnership relationships, expectations and the identified roles of both the school and identified business. The third component of the planbook will describe the action plan describing how the partnership will be implemented including its promotion amongst families and business community, communicating with organization, and monitoring progress of the partnership. The final component will be a reflection describing the program’s effectiveness and plans for moving forward.

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Beth Levine

B.S., M.S. Reading Education, 1-8 General Education

20+ years Classroom Teacher, Mentor Teacher, Team Leader, Club Advisor.

Beth is dedicated to fostering a collaborative classroom community with students and parents. Focused on developing and implementing engaging and innovative instruction.

Her primary purpose is to reinvigorate teachers by providing opportunities of exploration collaboration and development to assist other in meeting their personal and professional goals.

Beth’s personal interests are family, community volunteering, and being active.