EDUO 9851: The Galapagos Islands Experience

  • Semester Credits/Units: 2
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    Course Overview

    Walk where Darwin walked, observe what he observed, and discover the unique flora and fauna that directly contributed to his theory of evolution and The Origin of the Species. Experience first hand the historical and cultural aspects of the Galapagos Islands by exploring its ecosystems, volcanism and geology. This experience will provide you with access to photos, videos and lesson ideas that will facilitate challenging and rigorous instruction for your students.

    Course Objectives

    Students will:

    • Demonstrate knowledge personally obtained from the travel experience
    • Outline how the travel experience expanded teaching resources
    • Indicate the pre & post travel research information used to prepare for and to deepen the
      understanding of the visited sites and cultural area(s)
    • Describe how research enhanced the travel experience
    • Reflect on the travel experience as a tool for deeper learning and creating future engaging teaching events
    • Show how assigned teaching standards were enhanced through the travel experience
    • Collaborate and share travel adventures and tips with the instructor or other travelers via the course discussion board

    Registration Requirements

    A. Register for the trip:

    1) Before enrolling in this course you must first register for the trip through your sponsoring educational travel company.

    *NOTE: It is highly recommended that you receive prior approval from your Administration before enrolling

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