EDUO 9840: Teaching Art to Children: Giving Teachers the Tools to Teach Fine Art

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    Course Introduction

    Welcome to Teaching Art to Children. This course is designed to help classroom teachers give hands-on fine art lessons to their students. The intent is to give participants the skills to teach and impart to their students a love and understanding of the art produced by modern artists of the western world.
    Required books for this class: (you will need access to these two)

    • The Art Lesson by Tomie dePaola; Putnam & Grosset
    • Abuela by Arthur Dorros; Trumpet Club

    Suggested books: You will find lots of wonderful books recommended throughout the course. Many of these delightful books may be available at your library. I have purchased many of my books from Amazon used at a very good price.

    Grading Rubric

    Met and Exceeds
    Expectations A+ to A
    Meets Expectations B+
    to B
    Needs Improvement, Must
    be resubmitted
    Reflective, thoughtful ideas
    relevant to the assignment are
    clearly presented
    Assignments present some
    relevant ideas and connections
    to the assignment
    Few relevant ideas connected to
    the assignment, some ideas
    Very well organizedIs generally well organizedShows little organization
    Obvious attention to effort,
    detail and neatness
    Some effort, attention to detail
    and neatness
    Lack of effort, attention to detail
    and neatness
    Artist’s style clearly evidentSome elements of artist’s style
    Lacking evidence of artist’s style

    Note: The instructor intends for you to create art in the style of the given artists, however, there is room for individual expression.

    All materials in this section are for you to keep

    Section 1 – a teaching outline showing the relationship between the online forum entries, the art activities, the readings and websites.

    Section 2– Instructions for the Art Activities

    Section 3 –Appendix and other helpful information

    a) Glossary
    b) Color terms
    c) Art vocabulary
    d) Bibliography

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    Terry Joyce

    B.A., Credential

    K-8 Public Schools; Migrant Education, Bilingual Language, Language Development Specialist Certificate, Adult Education, Art.

    Passionate about every child experiencing Fine Art and helping teachers feel confidence and joy in teaching it; working with migrants and refugees: teaching ESL; painting.

    Personal interests: painting, drawing, languages.