EDUO 9821: Success for Everyone – UDL Readiness

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    Course Description:

    This course will introduce the participant to the major principles and components of Universal Design Learning theories and methods. The course culmination will be creating a UDL unit plan geared toward building success for every student involved in the process.

    Course Objectives

    The Participant will:

    1. explain what UDL is and why it should be supported.
    2. know the difference between UDL and traditional curriculum.
    3. understand how the three major UDL principals help to create success for everyone.
    4. develop a complete UDL unit plan.
    5. describe the students that the UDL unit plan is intended for.

    Grading Rubric: Written Response Rubric:


    Exemplary: Meets and
    Exceeds Expectations
    A grade
    Acceptable: Meets
    B grade
    Unacceptable: Needs
    Improvement. Must be
    Reflective, thoughtful ideas relevant to the assignment are clearly stated.Presents some relevant ideas and connections to the assignment.Few relevant ideas connected to the assignment, some ideas unclear
    Very well organizedIs generally well organizedShows little organization
    Development of an exemplary UDL unit planDeveloped an acceptable UDL unit planUDL unit plan is incomplete and disorganized
    Free of spelling or grammatical errorsWriting contains a few spelling or grammatical errors.Numerous spelling or grammatical errors. Writing is difficult to read.

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    Elizabeth von Schwarz

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    15 years in elementary education.

    Educational Leadership Certificate from Hood College.

    One of the best parts of being in education is helping students to become lifelong learners.

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