EDUO 9817: Music Appreciation for Teachers

Instructor: Pam Ferko
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This course is designed to help you focus on the many and diverse kinds of music that exist in the world and on how lives can be enriched by them. It will foster a deeper understanding of music in general. In this course you will listen to, analyze, and describe music. You will think about where it came from, how you feel when you listen to it, and what about it gives you that feeling. This deeper understanding will influence how you use music as a tool for teaching the Common Core Standards
in your classroom.

To successfully complete this course you will be required to attend a live musical performance and to listen to recordings of similar types of music to that of the performance you attended. Access to the Internet and resource books will also be essential.


By the end of this course the participant will have:

  • attended a live performance of a specific type of music
  • listened to recordings of that same type of music
  • researched the history of that type of music
  • analyzed the following characteristics of that type of music: sound; rhythm, melody, timbre
    (tone color)
  • described its mood effect
  • determined its influence upon you and how you can use this to teach/enhance teaching of the Common Core Standards


Pam Ferko

B.A., Supplementary Authorization in English

K-8 General Ed. in elementary public schools 26+ years.

Friday Morning Sing director for 5 years.

Educational special interest in using music to assist in teaching all academic subjects.

Pam’s personal interests include family, singing in a choir, and is a Mid Century Modern design enthusiast.

  • Price: $140
  • 1 Semester Credit/Unit

Instructor: Pam Ferko

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