EDUO 9816: Classroom Music Games

  • Instructor: Pam Ferko
  • Semester Credits/Units: 1
  • US $149
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    This course is designed for teachers to use music in a creative non-threatening way that will reinforce, introduce or review required Common Core Language learning curriculum standards. Students are exposed to music as a language genre study as the standards promote globally aware students who make multilayered connections in their learning.Only one required resource text is needed to complete this course: 101 Music Games for Children, by Jerry Storms, Hunter House Inc., P.O. Box 2914, Alameda, CA 94501-0914. Text fee is $12.95 and is available through most bookstores or directly from publisher toll-free 1-800-266-5592. This book is also available at *Prices subject to change.

    You will need various and sundry items such as tin pans, sticks, rubber bands, shoe boxes, etc. for making home-made rhythm instruments.


    By the end of this course the participant will have:

    • Used nine different music teaching games with children
    • Shown the ability to plan complete classroom lessons while incorporating music games as an adjunct to Language Common Core Standards.


    Exemplary: A+ to A-Acceptable: B+ to BUnacceptable:
    Must be resubmitted
    Clearly and thoroughly addresses each of the assignments and shows a logical progression in their usageAddresses all assignments with clarityAll assignments are not addressed or responses are not clear in their meaning
    Responses are clear and easy to readResponses can be readResponses are difficult to read
    Shows careful editing so that egregious errors in punctuation, spelling, and usage have been eliminatedMinor mechanical errors exist but do not seriously distract from the meaningShows little organization and has poor punctuation, with spelling errors

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    Pam Ferko

    B.A., Supplementary Authorization in English

    K-8 General Ed. in elementary public schools 26+ years.

    Friday Morning Sing director for 5 years.

    Educational special interest in using music to assist in teaching all academic subjects.

    Pam’s personal interests include family, singing in a choir, and is a Mid Century Modern design enthusiast.