EDUO 9812: Where in the World? Teaching Geography Through Art

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Even though technology has enabled our world view to expand, many people are still geographically challenged. Teaching and learning physical geography through art will give those people and others, a concrete way to visually place in order the world they live in.Through research, hands-on activity assignments and online discussion, teachers will learn how art can effectively be used to compare and contrast the rich and diverse cultures of our world. The teacher will enjoy exploring the world in ways that excite students about geography and art. The class will target K-6 teachers and has two mandatory texts and two recommended resource.

This course is self-paced and interactive meaning that some of your assignments will direct you to communicate (asynchronistically) with your instructor and fellow students in an online forum called Instructor’s Discussion Forum. You will also do directed art activities which you will turn in to your instructor usually by photographing your completed projects. After completing all assignments you will upload or scan them to the COMPLETED COURSEWORK DROPBOX found at the bottom of the course page An alternative method of submitting coursework is by mailing coursework, projects and/or photos directly to instructor, Terry Joyce

An assortment of samples and videos are presented for your own and classroom use to enhance your experience.


  • Geography Through Art by Sharon Jeffus & Jamie Aramini
  • Any one of the books listed in the bibliography.


  • Art From Many Hands by Jo Miles Schuman.
  • Letters From Felix by Annette Langen & Constanza Droop (If Letters From Felix is unavailable, any of the Felix books by Annette Langen will work as examples of letters home.)

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Terry Joyce

B.A., Credential

K-8 Public Schools; Migrant Education, Bilingual Language, Language Development Specialist Certificate, Adult Education, Art.

Passionate about every child experiencing Fine Art and helping teachers feel confidence and joy in teaching it; working with migrants and refugees: teaching ESL; painting.

Personal interests: painting, drawing, languages.