EDUO 9788: Beyond Projects: Authentic Investigations

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    Course Overview

    Rethink the use of projects in your curriculum. Develop authentic, open-ended investigations that promote higher order thinking skills and student engagement. Explore ways to use these authentic investigations to drive learning and make meaningful connections for your students.

    Course Objectives

    • Explore the differences between traditional end-of-unit projects and investigations
    • Access, explore, and evaluate four categories of authentic investigations
    • Develop project ideas for your classroom in each area
    • Implement one new authentic investigation with one or more classes
    • Reflect on the experience

    Course Assignments

    Each module includes blog posts, articles and videos about the topic. Templates are provided to guide curriculum development work. Participants use discussion forums to share their discoveries, thinking, and implementation ideas. Key areas include:

    • Project-Based Learning
    • Design Thinking
    • Tinkering in the Classroom
    • Service Learning
    • Finally

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    Paula Hundley

    B.A., M.Ed. in Reading Instruction, M.Ed. in Education Administration

    Middle school teacher; K-12 Technology Coach and professional development at site, district, and county levels; 21 years.

    Independent consultant in the areas of technology integration, instructional design, and learning environments.

    Paula enjoys helping teachers grow professionally and reflect on their practice.

    Paula’s personal interests include: Travel, reading and gardening, volunteer tutoring, and golf.