EDUO 9785: Design Lessons that Target Complex Texts

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Course Overview:

It is important to provide opportunities for students to read a wide variety of texts across content areas for different purposes and along a spectrum of difficulty and length. In this course, learn concrete ways to help students become highly skilled readers to meet the goal of comprehensively grasping complex text.

Course Description:

This course is designed for language arts, social studies, science, or other subject area teachers of grades 3-12 to guide students to access material from complex text. The course is replete with explanations, examples, resources, and tools. It includes the essential elements of unit design and models for lesson planning; specific, step-by-step instruction for teaching vocabulary; effective questioning techniques; strategies and activities explicitly designed for teaching complex text; ways to measure text complexity and select appropriate texts that are aligned with curricular goals; and a text selection process for schools or districts.

Course Objectives:

Throughout the course, participants will:

  • Define close reading, complex text, and what qualifies as complex text across content areas
  • Determine what students should know, understand, and do for a targeted unit around complex text
  • Identify the components of lesson design
  • Design lessons that focus on closely examining and interpreting complex text
  • Use vocabulary strategies presented to plan learning experiences and student tasks
  • Discern text-dependent from non-text-dependent questions
  • Create or revise a series of text-dependent questions aligned to a complex text students will
  • Create or revise existing writing tasks aligned to complex text(s) for a series of formative assessments
  • Design a final summative assessment as a culmination for complex text including a student checklist and accompanying rubric to score work
  • Course text: Complex Text Decoded: How to Design Lessons and Use Strategies That Target
    Authentic Texts by Kathy T. Glass; access this link to order your book for this course: abID=55&ProductId=163804811&ComplexTextesigDecoded:-How-to-Dn-Lessons-and-Use-Strategies-That-Target-Auth

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Kathy Glass

B.S., M.A.

25+ years in education; former teacher; national consultant.

Author of 12 books including The Art and Science of Teaching Writing co-authored with Robert Marzano.

Kathy is invested in increasing educators’ capacity to hone their craft so they can translate what she teaches to effective classroom practice.

Baking, hiking, and spending time with family are among her favorite pastimes.