EDUO 9781: Athletic Concussion

  • Instructor: Dick Bach
  • Semester Credits/Units: 1
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    Course Overview

    The public (as well as coaches at all levels of sports) has recently become conscious of the frequency and seriousness of athletic concussions whether in professional, collegiate, prep or youth sports both male and female and even in cheerleading. Because of this new awareness, today’s coach must prepare thoroughly for prevention, detection and maintenance techniques regarding concussions. This course is designed to give the coach some “headache” relief.Upon completion of this course the teacher/coach’s awareness of the problem of athletic concussion will be heighten and a concussion policy will be developed.

    Course Objectives

    In this course participants will have opportunity to:

    • Give evidence of her/his awareness of the student athlete concussions problem
    • Develop communication systems concerning concussions to student athletes, their parents and teachers
    • Create prevention and maintenance concussion policies


    1. The Problem

    Read the following four resources


    1a. Review your history with the problem of athletic concussions. Note the question is not asking about your injury history but about your history of involvement with the problem (which might include a personal injury).

    2b. Describe a head injury that occurred before the athletic concussion problem became public news that you either personally knew about or heard of. Include in your description the result of the injury.

    Note that the purpose of the following exercises is to create better odds that the answer to 1c would be yes!!!


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    Dick Bach

    B.S., M.S. Physical Education

    Taught and coached 7-9 Jr. High students for five years.

    Taught mathematics and physical education at the High School level for 35 years.

    Had experience as a Department Head in physical education.

    Helped to develop a state granted voluntary integration program.

    Richard’s personal interests are golf and helping others succeed.