EDUO 9780: Crafting Your Plan for Health and Wellness

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Course Objectives

This course supports the notion that creating and maintaining health and wellness is a skill that can be learned and sustained. The course will arm teachers with appropriate information that will result in a fitness plan designed to fit their own lifestyle.In this course participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on your current health status
  • Understand the harmful effects of hydrogenated oils, and preservatives contained in many foods.
  • Learn the importance of hydration for cognitive and physical performance
  • Explore foods that enhance brain function
  • Analyze current popular diets and their purpose and effects on the human body
  • Examine the importance of sleep for physical and mental health
  • Identify current life situations that may create anxiety and stress
  • Learn the five components of health related fitness
  • Create a health and wellness plan that will improve your being and inspire your students

Course Assignments:

Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Current lifestyle

Create two lists of what you believe to be 1-strengths or 2-weaknesses of your current lifestyle. The assessment is for your own benefit and will be used in creating your individual plan at the end of the course. During the course new information is learned. Opportunities are given to adjust your list for additional assets or liabilities.

Harmful Foods and Additives

Receive information regarding the harmful foods and chemical additives. Explore such content as hydrogenated oils, preservatives and their effects on the human body. Some tasks allow you to gain an understanding of your personal consumption compared to the recommended amounts. Other assignments will facilitate a personal approach for implementing health and wellness into your classroom.

Hydration and Sleep for Performance

In this section, read and learn many physical and psychological benefits of proper hydration and sleep. Discover proper amounts of water to consume and hours of sleep recommended based on your lifestyle and age. Examine the proper amounts of sleep and hydration for your students as well.

Foods that Enhance Brain Function

This portion of the course allows scrutiny into the learning of specific foods that allow improved cognitive function. Reflect on your current consumption of such “Brain Foods”.

Popular Food Plans

The most popular diets in America will be explored. Gain an understanding of the purpose of such food plans. Make assumptions of positive and negative aspects of each and what type of person would benefit from each. Reflect on your current diet and compare and contrast the popular diets to your current eating regime.

Anxiety and Tension vs. Stress and Relaxation

One of the major notions of this course is, if you do not take care of yourself, you cannot take care of others. Reflect on your current life stressors, and specific situation that cause stress in your life. You will learn practical techniques and strategies that will help alleviate some stress.

Health Related Fitness

Learn the meaning of the five components of Health Related Fitness. Understand the benefits of each. One of the tasks allows exploration of various methods to improve in such areas. View a TED Talk video that further elucidates your learnings.

Culminating Assignments- “Your Plan”

Create a Health and Wellness Plan that will reflect information learned throughout the duration of the course. This plan allows more energy and mental capacity while teaching and living. This culminating assignment can be used or modified for your students as an ongoing task in your classroom.

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