EDUO 9778: Discovering the Adventure of Your Life’s Journey

Instructor: Joe Herz
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Welcome to EDUO 9778! This class was created by Dominican University of California in conjunction with Educational Development and Services as part of a nine-course series. Each course involves studying and discussing a TED book, online TED Talks and other web resources. The courses are focused on encouraging teachers to acquire knowledge and wisdom for both classroom application and personal growth; knowledge and wisdom to help negotiate, make sense of and be successful in life both in and out of the classroom.

The other courses in the series are:

  • EDUO 9770 Authentic vs. Incentive Motivation
  • EDUO 9771 Building the Future With Creativity and Insight
  • EDUO 9772 Learning is a Process
  • EDUO 9773 Perception is Reality
  • EDUO 9774 Technology’s Effect on Humanity
  • EDUO 9775 Change – Your Choice
  • EDUO 9776 The Need to Explore
  • EDUO 9777 The Power of Self Determination

Discovering the Adventure of Your Life’s Journey

Course Description

This course will use a TED Talk book, online TED Talks and web resources to help the teacher prepare students to be self-determined learners

Course Goal

By listening, reading and writing the teacher will gain new insights into what motivates students to want to learn and become lifelong self-starters

Course Objectives

The participant will:

  • Through web resources experience methods of determining self-awareness
  • Read and review the TED Book The Boiling River: Adventure and Discovery by Andres Ruzo
  • Transform the message of the book The Boiling River to a message for the classroom
  • View six TED Talks and relate the content of each talk to the importance of the search for self-awareness
  • Make a written statement of why it is just as important for students to have the knowledge of who they are as it is to have knowledge about the world
  • Price: $135
  • 1 Semester Credit/Unit

Instructor: Joe Herz

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