EDUO 9757: Teaching Life’s Essentials – Compassion

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Welcome to EDUO 9757. This class was created as part of a seven course series entitled Teaching Life’s Essentials. The other courses in the series are:

  • EDUO 9756 Happiness
  • EDUO 9758 Curiosity
  • EDUO 9759 Resilience
  • EDUO 9760 Growth Mindset
  • EDUO 9761 Inspiration
  • EDUO 9762 Tolerance

Isn’t it true that great teachers are born not made? We say “not at all”. With the guidance of the courses in this series, you can take your teaching to a new level; one that brings the highest degree of satisfaction to yourself and your students. Great teachers are remembered not for the knowledge they impart but for the way they encourage and lift their students’ achievement, not just in a subject, but in the important skills of living a fulfilling life. These skills of happiness, of inspiration, compassion, curiosity and resilience are essential for both the learner and the teacher. This course will bring research to inform along with techniques and activities to imbue your delivery of required curriculum with the essence of greatness-both yours and your students’.

Teaching Life’s Essentials – Compassion

Course Description

Through website resources and course assignments, teachers will be supported in the development of a compassionate classroom while at the same time making their students aware of the importance of becoming compassionate citizens.

Course Goal

To help teachers create a compassion classroom and encourage that trait in their students Dominican University of California – Teaching Life’s Essentials – Compassion EDUO 9757

Course Objectives

The teacher will:

  1. Read and study given website resources.
  2. Recall the influence of compassion in their life.
  3. Strive to develop a compassion classroom that will influence student behavior.
  4. Develop a lesson plan in which compassion is the theme.
  5. Communicate with other class participants about the importance of compassion.

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Kathy Vining

B.S., M.Ed., Admin; Certificate in Equity & Urban Education

38 years in K-12 and post-secondary education, AVID teacher, Path Specialist, Multicultural Specialist.

AVID staff developer, Equity trainer, REACH facilitator, Equity/TitleIX/Section 504 Compliance, Officer.

My goal is to support teachers as they strive to become more culturally responsive in order to meet the diverse needs of their students.

I enjoy writing, painting, ATV’ing, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities.