EDUO 9750: Introduction to Inquiry

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Course Overview

This course is one of a three-part series entitled Inquiry Driven Education. Inquiry-based education awakens curiosity, wonder, and purpose in our students. In addition, it elicits the evidence that we need to demonstrate our students’ skills and their understanding of the new standards.By taking the three courses in this series, you will learn how to create classrooms that instill in students the drive for inquiry and innovation that they will need to succeed beyond the school doors. The other two courses in the series are:

  • EDUO 9751: Engagement, Implementation, and Assessment
  • EDUO 9752: Innovative Strategies

Although Introduction to Inquiry is NOT a prerequisite for the other two courses, it does provide a foundation for them. This class as well as the next class in the series titled Engagement, Implementation, and Assessment both require the following two books: Inquiry and Innovation in the Classroom by A.J. Juliani and Rx for the Common Core: Toolkit for Implementing Inquiry Learning by Mary Boyd Ratzer and Paige Jaeger. These books are available for purchase at You will only need the book by A.J. Juliani in order to complete the third class in this series titled Innovative Strategies.

In the class Introduction to Inquiry EDUO 9750 you will learn about inquiry and how it applies to the new standards.

Course Objectives:

After completing the course titled Introduction to Inquiry, you will demonstrate or indicate:

  • The concept of inquiry and it’s importance in today’s classroom
  • How an inquiry-based education will help our students meet the new standards
  • The importance od inquiry in producing creative and innovative citizens
  • The ability to begin creating inquiry-based classrooms

Course Assignments:

1. Compare and Contrast

For the first assignment, you will be reading from the two textbooks and comparing and contrasting the author’s view on inquiry and it’s importance in today’s classroom.

2. Personal Opinion

In completing assignment two, you will be developing and expressing your personal opinion on the importance of inquiry in education today.

3. PTA Funding

In this section you will be learning how an inquiry-based education will help your student meet your state standards and improve their test scores.

4. Innovation and Inquiry

Assignment two will focus on how inquiry relates to innovation and producing creative citizens.

5. Reflection

For the final assignment you will be reflecting on how your current teaching practices promote inquiry and what changes you can make to create an inquiry-based classroom.

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