EDUO 9732: Welcoming Diversity into Your Program

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    Course Description

    Coaching in today’s diverse society is far more complicated than coaching was fifty years ago. Successful coaches must take into account many factors including their own biases to mold a diverse group of athletes into a team. Coaches can no longer expect all their athletes to come from one set of life experiences and backgrounds. To be a successful coach they must take into consideration age, sex, size, culture, family makeup, and many other issues. Coaches/teachers will need to use deeper learning and understanding of today’s student population to mold a successful team.

    Required Text:

    Successful Coaching-4th Edition by Rainer Martens, Human Kinetics; 4 edition (February 17, 2012)

    Course Objectives

    By the end of this course, the participants will have had the opportunity to examine:

    • The key characteristics of each stage of adolescence.
    • How to best match student/athletes for safe practices in competitive and/or cooperative activities.
    • How to be more culturally responsible as a teacher/coach.
    • Title IX and how to promote gender equity.
    • Sexual harassment and how to protect yourself from unfounded accusations and the legal
      ramifications which could occur.
    • The common disability groupings for disabled sports and how to incorporate these student/athletes into existing programs.

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    Ernie Shaffer

    B.A., M.A. Administration

    Taught Elementary 5 years, Jr. High 5 years, Senior High 5 years and Adult Ed. 2 years.

    Administration Grades K-12 19 years.

    Coached variety of sports grades 6-12.

    Developed Leisure Living Program for Grades 6-12.

    Leisure interests-fishing, reading, poker and Senior Softball.