EDUO 9721: Developing a Code of Conduct Handbook

Instructor: Dick Bach, Ernie Shaffer
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Course description

In this course methods will be presented to help with educating and enforcing codes of conduct for the student/athlete. Class participants will develop a complete code of conduct handbook. This booklet will be one that the coach can have on display not only for the student/athletes but for their parents, community members and school administrators as well.

Required Text: Successful Coaching-4th Edition by Rainer Martens, Human Kinetics;(February 17, 2012)

Course Objectives

By the end of this course the participant will have:

1. Developed a complete code of conduct hand book that includes the following:

  • Statement of Philosophy
  • Rules & Consequences
  • A System for Appeals

2. Establish methods to educate student/athletes about appropriate conduct

3. Create strategies for correcting student behavior

  • Price: $135
  • 1 Semester Credit/Unit

Instructor: Dick Bach, Ernie Shaffer

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