EDUO 9720: Dealing With the Problem of Athletic Drug Use

  • Instructor: Dick Bach
  • Semester Credits/Units: 1
  • US $149
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    Class Description

    Class participants will learn how to detect the signs of drug use and will encourage all of their student/athletes to follow a drug fee lifestyle. If a student is suspected of using drugs, the teacher/coach can use the problem solving techniques presented in this class to help the student.

    Required Text:

    Successful Coaching-4th Edition by Rainer Martens, Human Kinetics; February 17, 2012)

    Course Objectives

    By the end of this course, participants will have had examined a style of teaching/coaching that:

    • Facilitates the detection of the signs of substance abuse among young student/athletes.
    • Encourages developing and enforcing a drug-free participation policy.
    • Uses knowledge about drugs and drug abuse to help student/athletes when a problem arises.
    • Enables them to provide preventive education about substance abuse.
    • Encourages them to counsel their student/athletes about drug abuse and, when necessary, help them to obtain professional help.
    • Helps them feel more comfortable in dealing with the parents of a student with drug problems.

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    Dick Bach

    B.S., M.S. Physical Education

    Taught and coached 7-9 Jr. High students for five years.

    Taught mathematics and physical education at the High School level for 35 years.

    Had experience as a Department Head in physical education.

    Helped to develop a state granted voluntary integration program.

    Richard’s personal interests are golf and helping others succeed.