EDUO 9719: Teaching in the Digital Age

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Gain an understanding of brain development and the impact of the digital age on the brain. Learn how to engage 21st-Century Learners by promoting creativity, music, social emotional intelligence, and other strategies. Teaching in the Digital Age requires one book entitled br@in-based teaching 🙂 in the digital age by Marilee Sprenger.

Course Objectives

After completing the course Teaching the Digital Brain, you will demonstrate or indicate:

A. How you currently relate to and teach to the “digital brain.”
B. Knowledge of how the brain works and how the digital age has affected it.
C. The ability to engage students and enhance learning without technology.
D. How to create positive learning environments for 21 Century students.
E. Knowledge of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and how it can apply to your curriculum.
F. The benefits of using music in your classroom.
G. Knowledge of how our memory works and classroom strategies to enhance it.
H. How to build social-emotional intelligence in your students.
I. The ability to incorporate creativity, synthesis, and empathy skills into your curriculum.
J. How we should be teaching our students in the digital age.

Course Assignments:

1. Self-Awareness

For this assignment, you will be asked to reflect on your relationship with technology, how you utilize it in your classroom, as well as balance your curriculum to educate the whole child.

2. How the Brain Works

In this section you will learn what may be happening in a student’s brain when they are suffering from various mental health issues as well as ways to help them. In addition, you will communicate both the positive and negative affects the digital age is having on our brains.

3. The Need For Low Tech

For assignment three, you will be demonstrating how low tech teaching techniques and programs can engage students, improve test scores, and promote creativity and interpersonal skills.

4. Learning Environments

By completing the fourth assignment, you will be exhibiting how to provide the ideal learning environment for 21 Century Students. You will need to explain how you balance the priorities of safety, healthy lifestyles, flexibility, community, family, technology, etc…

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