EDUO 9718: Discipline Designed for Today’s Classroom

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    Course Description:

    With the help of various web site resources, assigned excercises and interviews, teachers will investigate many  approaches to classroom discipline. After exploration and the completion of correlating assignments, teachers will develop a discipline program for their own classroom that takes into consideration the make up of today’s children.

    Course Objectives

    Teachers will:

    • Read and study website articles relating to the following areas:
      • Classroom rules
      • Consequences
      • Delayed gratification
      • Social skills
    • Interview students and school professionals concerning today’s classroom
    • Create a philosophy of discipline for the needs of the classroom of today.
    • Design a realistic discipline program based upon their own philosophy for their own classroom.

    Grading Rubric: Written Response Rubric:

    Exemplary: Met and Exceeds Expectations A+ to AAcceptable: Meets Expectations
    B+ to B
    Unacceptable: Needs
    Improvement. Must be resubmitted.
    Reflective, thoughtful ideas relevant to the assignment are clearly stated.Presents some relevant ideas and connections to the assignment.Few relevant ideas connected to the assignment, some ideas unclear
    Very well organizedIs generally well organizedShows little organization
    Written assignments cover numerous facts and specific details of the learning  experienceSome facts and specific details of the learning experience are included.Few or no facts or specific details of the learning experience are included.
    Free of Spelling or grammatical errorsWriting contains a few spelling or grammatical errors.Numerous spelling or grammatical errors. Writing is difficult to read.

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    Matt Heglie

    B.S., M.S. Kinesiology

    K-12 Public Schools and Collegiate level, 13+ years.

    Matt is passionate about cutting edge curriculum and pedagogy.

    His primary purpose is helping other teachers reach their personal and professional goals.

    Matt’s personal interests are family, outdoor adventure, and exercise science.