EDUO 9717: Balancing Teacher Authority with Student Freedom

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Course Description:

In the course, well known classroom management styles are compared and contrasted in order to create a classroom program that balances teacher authority with student freedom. Class Meetings and other approaches are explored as possible vehicles to finding such a balance.

Course Objectives

Teachers will:

  • familiarize themselves with major classroom management styles
  • compare and contrast various management methodologies
  • figure out their own management slant
  • study the Class Meeting format
  • develop a class meeting that would best complement their own style
  • outline a workable classroom management program that balances authority and freedom

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Matt Heglie

B.S., M.S. Kinesiology

K-12 Public Schools and Collegiate level, 13+ years.

Matt is passionate about cutting edge curriculum and pedagogy.

His primary purpose is helping other teachers reach their personal and professional goals.

Matt’s personal interests are family, outdoor adventure, and exercise science.