EDUO 9716: Creating a Positive Learning Environment

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Course Overview

Create a warm, caring atmosphere in your classroom. Explore readings and resources that emphasize the importance of the first days of class, the clarity of directions, effective monitoring, consistent and positive messaging, and the teacher’s role.

Course Objectives

In this course participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore the importance of the first day of class
  • Learn the need for clear directions and instructions
  • Understand strategies for effective monitoring
  • Examine how I-messages can affect student behavior
  • Gain a deeper appreciation of the teacher as a role model

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Matt Heglie

B.S., M.S. Kinesiology

K-12 Public Schools and Collegiate level, 13+ years.

Matt is passionate about cutting edge curriculum and pedagogy.

His primary purpose is helping other teachers reach their personal and professional goals.

Matt’s personal interests are family, outdoor adventure, and exercise science.