EDUO 9716: Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Instructor: Matt Heglie

Course Description:

During this course teachers will learn about and then practice skills for creating the kind of warm caring atmosphere that leads to an engaging learning environment for students

Course Objectives:

The teacher will practice skills that will help them become a warm, caring and positive role model Through website readings and course assignments the teacher will be introduced to the following classroom management areas:

  • The importance of the first day of class
  • The need for clear directions and instructions
  • Strategies for effective monitoring
  • How I-messages can affect student behavior
  • The teacher as a role model

Grading Rubric: Written Response Rubric:

Exemplary: Met and Exceeds Expectations A+ to A Acceptable: Meets Expectations
B+ to B
Unacceptable: Needs
Improvement. Must be resubmitted.
Reflective, thoughtful ideas relevant to the assignment are clearly stated. Presents some relevant ideas and connections to the assignment. Few relevant ideas connected to the assignment, some ideas unclear
Very well organized Is generally well organized Shows little organization
Reflective piece covers numerous facts and specific details of the learning  experience Some facts and specific details of the learning experience are included. Few or no facts or specific details of the learning experience are included.
Free of Spelling or grammatical errors Writing contains a few spelling or grammatical errors. Numerous spelling or grammatical errors. Writing is difficult to read.
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Instructor: Matt Heglie