EDUO 9711: The Benefits of On-Task and Engaged Behaviors

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    Course Overview

    Develop an understanding of both on-task behavior and engaged behavior, how to utilize both, and know and understand which are taking place in the classroom. Research provided articles and videos to determine how to elicit on-task and engaged behaviors to improve student learning.

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    Brian Kittle

    B.A. History, M.A. Education Special Education Mild/Moderate K-12, Physical Education K-12 Licensure

    14+ years K-12 Public Schools

    I am passionate about improving student motivation and performance through improved instruction and delivery

    I believe that the best way for education to advance is through communication with other impassioned educators.


    Bill Cieslewski

    BA West Liberty University (BA) MA West Virginia University

    Intervention Specialist at Washington County Career Center, Marietta, Ohio

    Thirty years of public-school teaching experience

    Enjoy learning new teaching strategies

    Principal goal: Helping students discover various education and career options

    Interests include family activities, kayaking, and reading westerns