EDUO 9706: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Instructor: Dick Bach
  • Semester Credits/Units: 3
  • US $447
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    3 Extension Semester Credits

    A coach’s influence can encourage an attitude towards fitness that will help bring a lifetime of health and happiness to the athlete. This course will help maximize that influence.

    Resources needed:

    Reading assignments will be from given website resources.
    You will need to view the movie Varsity Blues which is available on DVD.


    Open and read the Syllabus which includes Objectives and a Grading Rubric. You may want to print it.

    For each Session 1, 2 and 3 and the Assessment read and complete assignments. Links to Each Session and materials needed to complete the assignments are located under the heading of Course Assignments and Resources. You will type your responses offline in your own document that you will later upload for grading. See the DropBox at the top of the course page.

    When you have completed your assignments, post all coursework at one time in the Completed Coursework DropBox at the top of the course.

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    Dick Bach

    B.S., M.S. Physical Education

    Taught and coached 7-9 Jr. High students for five years.

    Taught mathematics and physical education at the High School level for 35 years.

    Had experience as a Department Head in physical education.

    Helped to develop a state granted voluntary integration program.

    Richard’s personal interests are golf and helping others succeed.