EDUO 9704: Athletics – A Positive Path Through the Journey of Life

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Resources needed:

Reading assignments will be from given website resources.Open and read the Syllabus which includes Objectives and a Grading Rubric. You may want to print it. You may also simply scroll down the page to view all course assignments. For each Session 1, 2 and 3 and the Final Assignment read and complete assignments. You will type your responses offline in your own Word document.
When you have completed your assignments, post all coursework at one time in the Completed Coursework DropBox at the bottom of the course.


1. Develop programs that will help athletes throughout their lives by emphasizing and enhancing the following:

  • Positive and constructive leadership skills
  • Behavior accountability
  • Proper sportsmanship and social skills
  • Ability to be an Upstander when encountering improper behavior

2. Create a positive persona as a coach who wields a very strong influence on young people.

3. Prepare to defend against negative attacks on the positive influence of athletics.


1. Establishing a climate that promotes fairness and respect
2. Establishing and maintaining standards for student behavior
3. Using a variety of instructional strategies and resources to respond to students’ diverse needs.

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Tony Battilega

B.A. Communication Studies, University of San Diego

California teaching credentials: English, Health, Physical Education.

High School Teacher 30 years - English 11 years, Health Education 5 years, Physical Education 17 years.

Distinguished Teacher Award: Rancho Bernardo HS, Granada HS, Amador Valley HS.

High School Baseball Coach 30 years: Rancho Bernardo, Granada, Amador Valley, San Ramon Valley. Multiple League and CIF Championships.

Youth Baseball Coach 10 years: Three Babe Ruth World Series Championships.

Baseball Camps 30 years: Owner, Coordinator, Instructor.

College Baseball Coach 2 years: Pitching coach Menlo College, San Diego City College.

Division 1 Baseball Player 4 years: University of San Diego.

“I am passionate about health, fitness and lifelong learning. I teach because everyone, especially teenagers, need support and guidance in their physical, emotional and social wellness. I am driven to leave a positive impact on every person I meet.”

Personal: Married, two children, dog, snake. Family is extremely important.

Interests: Mountains, Beach, Travel, Fishing, Hiking, Skiing, Fitness, Photography, Reading and Writing.