EDUO 9650: Washington D.C. – Museums

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The sites visited in each of the courses in the series, Our National Treasures, present inquisitive participants with many facets of our cultural heritage. The course experience itself is an exploratory process that is as much to be valued as the sites themselves. As a curious lifelong learner one must perform research in order to discover answers that lead to more questions and more research. Thus in this course, the participant prepares for the site visit by conducting investigations to gain a better appreciation of the knowledge and inspiration that the national treasure will offer. At the locale itself, questions are posed that further one’s desire to engage in additional study. Therefore touring the site and becoming engrossed in the process becomes the true national treasure.

Course Description

The Smithsonian and other museums located in our nation’s capital are treasures that highlight the culture of our multifaceted heritage. This course gives teachers the opportunity to experience some of these treasures and relate that experience to the teaching/learning act.

Course Objectives

The teacher will:

  1. Visit two or three museums in Washington D.C.
  2. Explore online fourteen different museums before deciding which ones to physically visit
  3. Conduct further research after visiting the museums
  4. Relate the research and the museum visits to the teaching/learning act
  5. Explain how the museum visits combined with research helped to better understand one’s own heritage

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Beth Levine

B.S., M.S. Reading Education, 1-8 General Education

20+ years Classroom Teacher, Mentor Teacher, Team Leader, Club Advisor.

Beth is dedicated to fostering a collaborative classroom community with students and parents. Focused on developing and implementing engaging and innovative instruction.

Her primary purpose is to reinvigorate teachers by providing opportunities of exploration collaboration and development to assist other in meeting their personal and professional goals.

Beth’s personal interests are family, community volunteering, and being active.