EDUO 9649: Washington DC: Monuments and Memorials on the National Mall

Instructor: Beth Levine


The sites visited in each of the courses in the series, Our National Treasures, present inquisitive participants with many facets of our cultural heritage. The course experience itself is an exploratory process that is as much to be valued as the sites themselves. As a curious lifelong learner one must perform research in order to discover answers that lead to more questions and more research. Thus in this course, the participant prepares for the site visit by conducting investigations to gain a better appreciation of the knowledge and inspiration that the national treasure will offer. At the locale itself, questions are posed that further one’s desire to engage in additional study. Therefore touring the site and becoming engrossed in the process becomes the true national treasure.

Course Description

Walking along the National Mall moving from monument to monument and memorial to memorial is an experience that melds information and inspiration within the learning process. This class will bring such an experience to the participating teacher.

Course Objectives

Teachers will:

  1. walk along the national Mall as they visit different monuments and memorials.
  2. visit and study three monuments, four memorials and one reflecting pool.
  3. take photos during their mall walking experience.
  4. relate their thoughts and feelings both during the mall walk and at the sites.
  5. reflect on and communicate the experience of combining information with inspiration.
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Instructor: Beth Levine

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