EDUO 9644: Communism, Fascism & Dictators

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Social Studies may be the most important subject taught in school today.  Where else do we learn about human behavior, their relationships, and the institutions they require to function.  Learning about our past and comparing it to the present provides students with the knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to become productive citizens. 

Course Description

One step in this journey is teaching your students about communism, fascism, and dictators. The purpose of this course is to create a thorough, well thought out unit on communism, fascism, and dictators.  To that end, participants will not only be provided with resources on communism, fascism, and dictators but will also explore the idea of STEM in social studies.

EDUO 9644 – Communism, Fascism, & Dictators is a self-paced independent study course.  Participants can have as much or as little interaction with the instructor as needed and have nine months to complete their unit.  Assignments can be turned in at any time along the way and a grade will be given upon course completion. The unit will need to include the standards being covered and consideration should be given to classroom management and the various learning styles of the students.  


This course is designed for any educator responsible for teaching about communism, fascism, and dictators.  Taking the time to learn about the concepts of STEM in social studies and how to incorporate the common core standards (even if your state has not adopted them) while thinking about your classroom management and the different learning needs of your students will help you create an incredible unit on communism, fascism, and dictators  

  • Create a thorough, well thought out unit 
  • Learn about the concept of STEM in social studies 
  • Explore the common core standards as well as your state standards  
  • Earn one semester unit of graduate-level extension credit 


Social studies may be the most important subject taught in school.  In order to create productive citizens that know how to navigate society, we need to get our students engaged and excited about learning history.  Enrolling in EDUO 9644 – Communism, Fascism, & Dictators will bring you one step closer to that goal.

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