EDUO 9603: Visiting California Parks and Museums, III

  • Semester Credits/Units: 1
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Course Purpose

This class is based upon the belief that teachers should not only be encouraged to explore museums of California and the parks within the state, but should learn from these adventures and bring that knowledge and experience to the classroom.

Course Objectives

Students will present:

  1. Evidence of visiting three of the required sites among the eleven listed areas.
  2. Information and knowledge learned from the visits.
  3. Three classroom lessons that could be taught using the knowledge gleaned from each of the visits.
  4. The common core standards achieved in objective # 3 above.

Grading Rubric


NOTE: This class can be taken three times for credit.
First time register for EDUO 9601
Second time for EDUO 9602 (indicate the three sites visited in EDU9601)
Third time for EDUO 9603 (indicate the sites visited in EDUO 9601 & 9602)

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