EDUO 9583: Constructing Geometry Learning Centers

Math Courses for Teachers
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Construct geometry learning centers for future use that will turn your students into mathematicians, carrying out independent explorations of math concepts at the concrete level. Games that require the application of geometry concepts are also included. These centers are most appropriate for primary through middle school. Select from the provided abundance of “ready-to-use” learning centers and construct activities that will engage students in open-ended explorations.

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Ron Kremer

B.A., M.A. in Elementary Education, Elementary mathematics and science emphasis

40 years: General elementary grade teacher, school district staff trainer, and staff developer for California Science Implementation Network.

Author and guest speaker at state level conferences for mathematics. Recognized for exemplary work in the field of education by the Johns Hopkins Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth.

My goal is to convince teachers of the importance of "discovery learning" using open-ended, hands-on explorations.

I like working on projects around the home with my family. I sing tenor in our church choir and volunteer tutor at Shriners Children's Hospital."