EDUO 9575: Growth Mindset in Math

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Help students unleash their potential to learn math through innovative teaching built around mathematical mindsets. Discover how visualizing, playing, and investigating pave the way for open student thinking, for powerful brain connections, for engagement, and for deep understanding of math concepts.Explore methods for creating an environment that values mistakes. Become familiar with the impact that positive messages have on students. Learn new strategies to increase student achievement. A Google email account and use of Drive is recommended for this course. Required Text: Mathematical Mindsets, Jo Boaler.

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Julie Sweetman

B.S., B.A., M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction

20 years teaching middle school and high school math.

Professional Outlook: I enjoy helping my students see that math has a place in their lives, and that they can be successful.

Personal: I enjoy cooking, reading, skiing, the beach and anything that involves spending time with my dog.