EDUO 9551: Designing Effective Science Labs (6-12)

Instructor: Gina Bergskaug
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Course Description

This course validates the time teachers will need to integrate the Next Generation Science Standards into their laboratory investigations. It will provide 6-12 science teachers with a process that will help them in the development and implementation of such labs.

Course Goals

Upon competition of this course 6-12 science teacher will:

  • show understanding of assigned material
  • apply the understanding to¬† classroom labs
  • collaborate with other class members

Course Objectives

The teacher will:

  • read and study with understanding the course text
  • read and study course website resources
  • use the website resources to apply the understanding gained from the course text
  • show the ability to apply the understanding by developing an NGSS lab investigation lesson plan
  • collaborate with class members by posting comments about the class and the process of redesigning or designing NGSS investigating labs
  • answer at least one of the posts from another class member
  • Price: $270
  • 2 Semester Credits/Units

Instructor: Gina Bergskaug

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